Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Watermelon Feta & Arugula Salad

I love salads in summer.  And no, salads do not have to be boring.  And this watermelon, feta and arugula salads is one of my summer salad staples.  The whole fam eats it and it's my go-to salad to bring to a party.  It's a favorite and goes fast!

Watermelon Feta & Arugula Salad
1 package organic arugula
1 cup diced watermelon chunks
1/3 cup feta cheese
1/4 cup red onion, optional

For the dressing...
Drizzle the salad with olive oil, a bit of balsamic vinegar and then top salad with Italian seasoning, a light sprinkle of granulated garlic & pink sea salt.
Serve freshly tossed!


If you try this salad, I'd love to see your pics!  Tag me on Instagram @therealfithousewife

Sunday, June 23, 2019

A little leopard print

It's never been a secret that I love a little leopard print be it on my closet carpet or on my workout leggings, so when I happened to snag these as my latest rewards for working on my health & fitness goals they just happened to match perfectly.

A leopard's spots act as camouflage.  I guess my leopard leggings do too when I'm in my natural habitat, but mostly I love leopard because it helps me stand out!

You can shop this entire look here:  http://liketk.it/2CIau

Do you have a favorite workout print you love to rock?  I'd love to hear what makes you feel confident during your workouts.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Skinny Bahama Mama

I love a beach drink just as much as the next gal but all of those fruit juices get too sweet for me, 
so I wanted to share with you my favorite "Skinny Bahama Mama" recipe for the summer ahead.  
You can even make this a mocktail, just skip the rum!

Skinny Bahama Mama
1 scoop Fruit Punch flavored Energize
1/2 scoop Lemon flavored Energize
1 shot of light rum
1 splash of coconut rum
16oz club soda

Stir, will be fizzy, pour over ice
and serve with a slice of pineapple!

If you try this, I'd love to see your pics!  Tag me on Instagram @therealfithousewife

Need Energize to make your own Skinny Bahama Mama, grab it HERE!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer Shakeology Ice Cream

There is nothing I love more than ice cream on hot summer nights, but truth be told ice cream and my stomach do not get along.  Honestly, too much dairy or sugar and I completely regret and almost hate ice cream.  But I'm a woman and occasionally my sweet tooth has a hankering, so I conjured up my own Summer Shakeology Ice Cream recipe to share with you.  In fact, this is one my whole family will eat too.

Summer Shakeology Ice Cream

- 1 scoop vegan vanilla Shakeology
- 1/2 cup coconut milk (or milk of choice)
- splash of water, to help it blend
- a pinch of Xanthum gum (you do not need much!)
- 3 drops stevia-based caramel extract
- lots of ice (I use two handfuls)
- stevia based chocolate sauce (optional)

- I combine all of these ingredients in my blender
- Blend on med-high for 45 seconds to 1 minute
- You may need to occasionally pause and open the blender and help the ice move

Serve ice cream in a dish.  Toppings are optional.  I couldn't help but drizzle a bit of chocolate sauce onto my ice cream to make it really feel like a summer treat though!


Monday, July 30, 2018

Gansevoort Turks & Caicos: Our Most Romantic Trip

Considering Jeff and I are already in the works of planning our 15th Anniversary trip for next fall (Oct 2019) I figured I should get to writing this long over-due blog post about our very romantic 12th anniversary trip to Turks & Caicos.

We were actually scheduled to stay in the Bahamas at the One & Only Club for that anniversary trip, but a devastating hurricane had hit near Nassau, Bahamas leaving our selected resort damaged and therefore closed during our stay.  So with a week to go until we were scheduled to depart we called the airline to see if we could book another tropical destination and quickly find a hotel.  Thankfully traveling in the Caribbean during hurricane season can be tricky, but also a steal of a deal too.  We were able to re-book tickets to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos for a small change fee and after a quick pass-thru on TripAdvisor.com we decided to stay at the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos for our anniversary getaway.

Flying into Turks & Caicos just past the Exumas

This hotel is drop-dead gorgeous.  I've shared with numerous couples that it is hands down one of the sexiest hotels I've ever stayed at before.  Gorgeous, tropical, private, and you basically feel like royalty when you roll-up.  Your luggage is whisked away and you're comfortably placed on a comfy sofa with warm towels and a welcome drink.  After a long morning of travel, sign me up!  This is where the pampering began.

The Gansevoort Pool looking towards the lobby
This resort feels small and intimate.  And during late October the resort was definitely not full.  We were one of a dozen or so couples enjoying the resort.  And the walk to our room was nothing short of breathtaking.  The posh pool is gorgeous, although daily we opted for the beach.  Grace Bay is consistently rated as one of the top beaches in the world, so we were not going to pass that up.  Our room was located just on the other side of the pool on the top floor.  We had a huge balcony overlooking the ocean where we could hear the waves crash.  The room was well appointed and for just 4 nights, a king bed facing the ocean, a small sitting area, luxe master ensuite and an expansive terrace filled with comfy outdoor furniture, it was perfect.  Had we stayed longer a more upgraded room with kitchen might have been better for preparing simple meals or snacks.

The view from our room balcony, taken by our luggage attendant

From our balcony... THAT WATER.

I cannot believe this sunset is real, no filter needed.

We chose to eat at the resort often.  The food was good and fresh, albeit expensive, but you most remember you're on an island and you are at the Gansevoort.  The Ceviche was amazing and the fresh garden salad at Zest! was one of my daily favorites along with the Rum Punch and the Funky Monkey.  And if the beach bar wasn't enough there were always beach attendants ready to set up plush beach chairs for you equipped with a remote to buzz for your next beverage.  And a visit to the beach bar in the evenings was typically filled with a casual musician on the guitar, a fire in the roaring fire pit, umbrella drinks and if you were lucky, a visit from GiGi, the Gansevoort adopted island kitty.

A Funky Monkey

After a long and rough day at the beach we often opted for relaxing on our balcony, watching the sunset and hearing the waves crash ashore.  It was so peaceful and romantic.  Two different evenings we opted to have dinner at the resort's restaurant, Stelle, which was wonderful.  The fresh rock lobsters were outstanding and reasonable considering local in-season prices.  For our anniversary we dined at La Coco Bistro, an island favorite named after their adopted island kitty, Coco, under the palms.  Again, I had the in-season rock lobster, plus we split a dessert which was divine.

Sunrise from our balcony

We had one partially rainy day while in Provo, so we opted to take a taxi into town to shop and walk around. Taxis around the island are about $15-20 one-way.  All drivers were friendly and very knowledgable of the area and quite eager to welcome you to their island.  Shopping was typical island shopping with lots of jewelry and t-shirts, but we did happen upon Potcake Place, a re-homing shelter for island pups in need and they seriously love tourists to come in to socialize and play with the puppies.  In fact, you can even take a puppy to play on the beach or go for a walk.  If it had not been raining I might have made it out the door with this guy.  It's no surprise, that many of these pups go home to live in the US with new owners after visiting Potcake Place.  I mean, I could hardly say "no" to this face and we had just met!

On our last night on the island we splurged and chartered a boat out of the marina for a sunset cruise. Our boat captain was super friendly and knowledgable, taking the time to show us around his island.  He even let us off the boat onto a private island and nature preserve giving us instructions to "walk across to the other side of the island" so we could see where the Atlantic Ocean met the Caribbean on Half Moon Bay.  It was quite possibly the most gorgeous water I have ever seen.

Walking out into Half Moon Bay

All-in-all, the Gaansevort Turks & Caicos was one of our favorite and most romantic vacations.  We haven't done a lot of anniversary trips, but hands down this was the best so far.  The views, the water, the people, the low-key pace, it was just perfect.  If you're planning a future tropical anniversary getaway this magical place should be on the very top of your list!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

4th of July: Food Favorites

Our favorite summer holiday has got to be 4th of July.  Extended time with family, enjoying the small town patriotic parade, time at the lake lighting off fireworks and making s'mores, plus my favorite part... barbecues, fresh fruit & veggies in season and making some of my favorites recipes for family. I love summer cooking.  Perhaps because most of it can be done without the oven or just because it's so fresh and often straight out of the garden, but I wanted to share just a few of my favorite 4th of July recipes with you.

recipe via Pinterest


| Serves 12 |

- one whole seedless watermelon
-3 cups heavy whipping cream
-1/2 teaspoon vanilla
-2 tablespoons Swerve or confections sugar
-assorted fresh berries

1. First whip your cream with your sugar and vanilla.  
Whip until you have nice stiff peaks, then refrigerate newly made whip cream in bowl.
2. Wash and dry your whole watermelon
3. With a sharp knife slice the top and bottom off of your watermelon.
4. Standing your watermelon up trim off the dark green rind from the sides.
5. Keep trimming off the sides and all of the light green rind until you have a nice cylinder shape.
6. Pat your watermelon with paper towel to remove excess moisture.
7. Place your prepared watermelon on a cake plate.
8. Spread cold whip cream all over the watermelon cake with a rubber spatula.
9. Garnish with berries
10. Refrigerate until you are ready to serve your cake!


recipe via Pinterest


| Makes a lot! |

-small seedless watermelon, cut into triangles
-1/3 cup dark chocolate chips
-1-2tsp coconut oil
-flaked sea salt
-dried rose petals

1. Pierce watermelon slices with popsicle stick, place on a wire rack over a large cookie sheet.
2. In a double boiler over low heat, melt the chocolate & coconut oil.  
Use a spoon to drizzle chocolate over the watermelon triangles.
3. Sprinkle with flaked sea salt and dried rose petals.  Place in freezer for 20m to harden.
4. Keep covered in freezer for up to a week!
5. Enjoy


recipe via Pinterest


| Make as many as you Need |

-one seedless watermelon
-mini marshmallows
-wooden skewers
-star shaped cookie cutter

1. Start by slicing your watermelon in several circular slices
2. Use your star shaped cookie cutter to make your watermelon stars
3. Alternate blueberries & mini marshmallows on your skewers
4. Top your skewers with watermelon star
5. Repeat, eat, enjoy!


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bone Broth French Onion Soup

On a chilly winter day there's nothing I love more than making soup and my husband's favorite soup just happen to be French Onion, which he loves to order while dining out.  The thing is... it's always so salty and probably not the healthiest choice, so I decided to start making my own at home.  And well, this soup is now his favorite.  Go me.

And yes, of course, you can make your own bone broth in advance for this soup and it's wonderful.  I love making beef bone broth and even freezing the extras in 16oz containers, but just in case you do not have homemade bone broth on hand this recipe will give you my tried & true shortcut.  Yes, I have made it this way  and it still tastes amazing!

I also do not top my French onion soup with bread or toast either since I'm grain-free, but obviously you could top it with bread and then cheese.

1tbsp avocado or olive oil
1 white onion, sliced
2-3 yellow onions, sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
16 oz organic beef bone broth
1 packet organic beef broth concentrate
8 oz water
sea salt to taste
Havarti cheese to top

1. Heat a large stock or dutch oven over medium heat with olive oil

2. Slice all onions and begin to cook over medium heat, stirring frequently so they do not burn

3. Once the onions begin to soften add garlic,  Worcestershire sauce, then bone broth, water & additional beef broth concentrate for taste

The soup ready to cook down.

4. Stir, then cover the pot to let the soup begin to cook down a bit and infuse flavor into all the onions

5. After 30-40 minutes check your onions and stock.  The soup should have reduced a bit.  At this point do a taste test, add sea salt, if needed.

6. Ladle bowls and top with a slice of Havarti cheese, which will just melt.

Note:  If you'd like to add a slice of bread to the top of your soup then use an oven safe bowl.  Ladle in your soup, add slice of bread and then top with havarti and place in a hot oven for 3-5 minutes to melt cheese.

Serve with a side salad for an easy weekend dinner!
Bone Broth French Onion Soup

Ready to eat, ENJOY.