Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lazy Days in Many Ways

Geez, it's easy to feel lazy that week between Christmas and the New Year.  My girls are off of school, my house is stocked with leftovers, new movies & toys are piled up around the house, it's cold outside, which makes it a lot easier to stay inside, grab a mug of tea and never leave.  In fact, after my rest day turned yoga workout this morning I slipped my hoodie back on and decided to stay comfy today.  
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I really should finish taking down my Christmas decorations, I should organize those toys, yet my dog beckons me to stay lazy on the couch together.  She's a bad influence.

But all joking aside I'm excited for a new year.  My team retreat in less than 3 weeks to Puerto Rico, lots of upcoming trips & fun, building our dream house (finally!) and putting a lot of my 2015 goals into motion.  So I suppose it's okay to relax a bit and be lazy a little, because I know the next few weeks are going to be BUSY.  In the end I realize I'm freaking blessed!  A job I love, two cute kids who don't draw blood when they fight and a husband who supports me to the moon & back.  So, I don't know, I guess sometimes it's in those quiet times that you realize how far you've come, how far you can still go and how blessed you are to just be there right in that moment.  Stay warm friends!

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