Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Welcome to my Home: Our Little Slice of Heaven

Welcome to my house!  I feel like this post has been a long time coming.  After you spend a year planning something and then another year building something that has long been in your dreams and on all of your goals list and then you finally move in... you kind of just want to live it versus share it.  So excuse us while we just LIVED this dream come true.

But I downloaded and uploaded a bazillion pictures and I am hoping you will enjoy our dream home just as much as we do.  It was definitely a labor of love.  I picked our nearly every single detail myself with Jeff skipping out on all design meetings after spending the first one selecting faucets and shower fixtures for 3 hours.

Now that we've been in our new home for nearly two months it feels more real, more lived in, more messy and all of that, I prefer.  I look at these pictures now and they feel a bit sterile and a bit cold.  Today our home feels more WARM, more filled with LOVE and FAMILY.  Pillows are out of place, shoes on the floor, a dish in the sink and towels all over the pool area, but that to me, just means that we are loving every inch of our space.

So without further ado.... our home!

This door.  Oh, this door.  What was once a little Pinterest inspiration turned into a custom made door made by one of Michigan finest wood workers who crafts these doors by hand.  It spans a large space and after the 1st door was rejected by yours truly for just not living up to my vision... door #2 was created.  Door #2 is perfect.  From her curved arch to her huge bevel glass insets she just screams come closer & walk in.

Once you walk in most people notice our horses.  The artist, James McLaughlin Way, not only paints these nearly life-size horses on canvas, but he sells limited editions of them.  This one also happens to be glass coated, but what you don't realize is... it's over 5 feet wide.  It looked SO large when it arrived.  Sometimes I think they almost look too small for this space in a photograph, but in person they seem right at home.

Faux cowhide rug is just a bit of the unexpected in our front entry.

But who's looking at that rug when you peer in and see THOSE beams!  Watching our builder's rough carpenters come in and craft them on-site was amazing.  The feeling I wanted to achieve was "rustic glam" and these beat up worn cedar beams that span nearly 20' definitely fit the bill. 

Perhaps one of my most favorite spaces to curl up with a book.

Fuzzy sheepskin ottomans crafted by me!  These were a fun DIY designer-inspired pop to our great room that I'm glad I crafted for about $400 vs. purchasing for $2000+.  My girls LOVE sitting on them too!

I remember when we realized the island would be 13' long.  It seemed like it was going to be huge, but it fits the space and has turned into our favorite place to gather.  Everytime we have friends over this is where everyone hangs out.

Dream fridge... CHECK.  

Oh, that real brick backsplash!  I tell ya... I nearly gave the mason a heart attack asking for messy brick mortar and a herringbone pattern, but the brick and the quartz counters and the crystal pendant lights just added to the "rustic glam" feel.

Our dining room is so simple and just off the kitchen, but this table... one of my splurges from Restoration Hardware, along with the chairs, is one of my favorite pieces.  Such a classic look and this table was actually the inspiration for all of the hardwood flooring in our entire home!

Our sunroom otherwise known as our family chill room.  It's where we come to relax, kick back, watch TV, play board game and unwind in the evenings.  And this was the only furniture that came with us from our old home... it just seemed to fit perfectly into this new space.

Back off of the front entry is one of my favorite hangouts... my office!

Then down the hall and around the corner is our master suite.  I remember looking at this room on paper and thinking, "It looks so small!"  Apparently this is an issue for many people building a home--it looks small on paper.  Of course, it continues to look small with drywall, painted walls and then carpet.  Once then furniture is in, "OMG, this room is huge!"

It's definitely a perfect dreamy master bedroom.  So serene and comfy and today it looks even more peaceful and plush with custom drapes now hung to tie-in entire design.

The bathroom mirror that nearly gave everyone fears over installation, but now installed... is perfection.  Our master bath was a compilation of a few Pinterest ideas and I absolutely love how it turned out.  We once shared a sink.  Now we don't even touch elbows!

A moment of AWE & silence for the Swarovski crystal faucets, please.  They were definitely worth the splurge.  They catch the light and sparkle all over as you walk through the bathroom.

Our steam shower... forget fancy bathtubs, I'll take a huge steam shower any day.  Add in 3 different shower heads including a rainfall shower head and this thing is the most amazing shower I have ever taken in my entire life.  Also, one of my favorite little details... the herringbone tile floor & ceiling.

Into the back hall you'll find lots of little hidden treasures... like our half bath, message station, laundry room, lockers for boots, shoes, coats and backpacks, plus access to the upstairs.

Let's head upstairs to my girl's space, shall we?!  It's one of my favorite spaces in the whole house and well, my girls just love it.  I was worried about us being on the main floor and their bedrooms and play space being on the 2nd floor, but they love their Parisian loft.  It's Paris chic!

Palest of pink bathrooms with penny tile floor and quartz counters.

Audrey's bedroom...

Finley's bedroom...

Now we're headed back downstairs, but this time down two flights of stairs in our basement.  Beyond the home gym it's not an area we have used a lot this summer, but I know as the weather turns cooler here we'll be enjoying every inch of it this fall & winter.

Our lower level family room is perfect for chilling and I'm so glad we splurged on a new couch for this space... it filled with down feathers and heavenly.  The double chaises ensure that everyone has a comfy spot for movies or Netflix marathons!

You can play a game of pool...

Or belly up to the bar!

Antique glass mirror tiles came from Etsy for a unique backsplash!

The piano I grew up playing on now resides in our basement just waiting for our girl's to start piano lessons this fall.  They love tinkering.  I love the canvas of Wemmick above our piano from our friend and photographer, Amy Carroll.

Our home gym, perhaps one of our most loved rooms in the whole house.

Lower level bath perfect for special guests.  I had some fun with this bathroom picking out some fun tiles and a faucet that was a bit out of my comfort zone, but the waterfall faucet is a hit.  It also functions great as a drinking fountain for super hot & sweaty workouts.

Our first guest room... The Dream Big Suite.

Our second guest room, which I lovingly named the Puerto Rican Suite.  It has a very beachy vibe!

And lastly, let's head to my favorite space.  We live in Michigan, so I'm aware our summer's are short but like I always say... they're the kind of summers Kid Rock writes songs about!  Nothing beats a Michigan summer and we've been enjoying every minute of it each day by this pool.  From early morning coffees to late night swims and s'mores by the fire table this space was designed to feel like a getaway.  When I just chill or work from here I feel like I'm on vacation, a tropical vacation, and that was most definitely the point.

We use this outdoor television daily.

All summer meals are grilled and served up here.


Our pool's infinity edge, and the sound it creates is amazing.

Our master deck... the perfect little afternoon getaway.

A putting green?  Yes, a putting green.  It was Jeff's idea and one that actually worked out perfectly for our backyard.  We wanted some green space, but didn't want real grass near the pool.  It's also provided hours of endless entertainment for major kid-friendly putting tournaments!

I have room for friends.  C'mon over, I make a mean margarita!

The best place to sit and just take it all in, plus roast those marshmallows!

Photos courtesy of Dan Johnson Photography

For questions on where specific items were purchased, leave me a comment below... I'm happy to answer.  I also did a LIVE tour on Facebook Live of our home where I answer a lot of Q's on where many items can be found, so you may also refer to that:

Thank you for stopping by our home, we home you enjoyed the peek inside.

Builder:  Engelsma Homes