Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Journey to Gluten-Free

Oh gluten. I've been free of you for nearly 4 months now and I feel SOOO good.
For the past 9+ years I've suffered from horrible dermatitis & eczema. They gave me creams & ointments and suggested steroids, but nothing worked. I was still miserable. I started looking for all natural-based products thinking the issue was soaps or detergent.
Eventually I stumbled upon food sensitivities. Everyone thought I was crazy. Sure, I didn't have any of these issues growing up, but wow... our food supply has changed a lot in the last 30 years too. 
Soy is a huge trigger for me, it makes me itch & breakout like crazy, so that was 1st to go. And I'll tell you... as a kid soy was NOT in every food like it is today.
But honestly, I never wanted to give up wheat or gluten, that's hard!!! But when I tried it for a few weeks as an elimination experiment every blister on my hands disappeared. I was shocked. Could gluten have been a huge culprit this whole time? So, I cut it out as I started learning more about gluten intolerances. 
Symptoms of gluten intolerance / sensitivity are numerous – here is a list of many complaints that often clear up when gluten is removed from diets of gluten sensitive people, and clinical conditions linked with gluten intolerance: (Sources Dr Rodney Ford, Dr Alessio Fasano)
•Abdominal pain
•Eczema / rash
•Headache / migraine
•Foggy mind
•Numbness in the legs arms or fingers
•Joint pain
•Gastric reflux, heartburn
•Hashimotos / thyroid disease
•Subset of people with autism, schizophrenia
•Rheumatoid arthritis
•Auto-immune conditions
Crazy, right?!
I feel sooooo much better today than ever before. My skin has cleared, my digestive system works better and I have more energy than ever before. It's not the easiest lifestyle to live, but neither were the miserable skin issues I suffered before.


  1. Have you ever heard about something 38 times and discounted it, only to embrace it on the 39th? I KNOW this gluten issue is true; logically our lack of ethics in the food industry are taking their toll. But dangit if changing eati habits isn't the biggest, most ego-crushing roller-coaster ever. Why do we willingly abuse ourselves? We must believe we absolutely DESERVE to be our very best. Good for you, Leslie and you beautiful hands! :)

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