Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Shift Shop Transformation + Review

Just the other day I was whining to a friend that I keep fluxing the same 2-3 pounds. I told her that I just wanted to lose these last 10lbs and be done.  

Then she says to me, "What would you tell a client who said that to you?!"

I told her, "I'd tell them to keep going, throw their scale out the window and put two pics side by side to get a more accurate read on where they are making progress."

Gosh I have smart friends.  So I took my own advice and put my Day 1 Shift Shop photo next to my Day 21 photo and I'm blown away by my results.  The scale may have never shown more than a 3 pound loss, but the changes in my body composition speaks for it self.  My stomach was flatter, more defined.  I lost just over an inch off of each thigh!  My booty got firmer & higher.  And honestly, I feel amazing and strong

I truly enjoyed my journey with Shift Shop.  I felt empowered and excited for each day.  So here is a quick breakdown on what the Shift Shop program looks like, because I KNOW you're going to want to get results like this too.   

  • Shift Shop is a 21 day strength & cardio conditioning program
  • It includes a meal plan that strips your carbs by week 3 to get lean results
  • Trainer, Chris Downing is very motivating & fun, plus he wears manpris!!
  • Drink Shakeology daily for added nutrients and to satisfy your sweet tooth
  • It ramps up on intensity over 3 weeks
  • Week one workouts are only 25 minutes
  • Week 2 has 35m workouts & Week 3 moves up to 45m
  • I was sore at times, but never sorry that I got it done
I'll be honest you guys, Shift Shop is the FIRST Beachbody program since 21 Day Fix Extreme that I did not miss a day.  In fact, everyday I really looked forward to these workouts.  I did use Beachbody's pre-workout, Energize on most of the workout days for a little boost and usually followed that workout up with my favorite frappuccino Shakeology recipe.  I absolutely love that Shakeology is comprised of not only all whole food sources, but many superfoods too.  I do try to eat only real whole foods, so I found this program + Shakeology to be an easy fit for me nutritionally.

Would you like your own Shift Shop transformation?  I would love to help you achieve it!  Email me today,, to get a spot in my next program and finally get the results & support you could only wish your gym delivered.


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